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Experience Researcher & Designer 

Hi there and thanks for visiting!


I stumbled quite accidentally into user-centered design many years ago and it's captivated me ever since. I used to think, "OMG, this is amazing! Everyone needs to know about this! The UX process is the Best. Thing. Ever!"  


Perhaps my fascination is due to me being a natural organizer (of people, information, stuff - but don't look at my desk!) that I have been so drawn to UX. 


Or perhaps it's due to my natural curiosity about human nature and my ability to get to get to the core of their needs.


Or perhaps it's because systems and processes are my "thing."


Whatever it is, I'm seriously fortunate having the opportunity doing what I love.


My Mission


  • To give users a frictionless and delightful experience so they are motivated to come back again and again (on their own, even! 

  • To solve for underlying problems. 

  • To spread the word on user experience and design thinking whether through mentorship or workshops. 

How I work

I love to collaboratively work through design problems with a variety of people from various backgrounds. More heads and viewpoints are better than one. I get so very excited melding the best parts of seemingly disparate ideas to yield a better product. Cross-pollination is good! The sum is indeed greater than the sum of its parts :)


As a former project manager, I find it important to meld user needs with business needs. To that end, I found collaborative ways to prioritize features and functionalities as proposed by various stakeholders. This ensures all feel heard.


Tenacious. Persistent. These are words that have been often used to describe me. Give up? Me? There's got to be a solution somewhere in here!


Excitable when it comes to research. Design without research is execution without a plan. Steering a boat with your hands instead of paddles. Traveling without a map...ok, I'll stop. I place great value on research in order to reduce execution costs, thereby increasing ROI.


Working collaboratively with groups is awesome and incredibly invaluable. I also believe in the power of alone processing time. I've experienced the magic of idea synthesis that happens when the brain is seemingly "at rest." My best ideas often come while in the shower or on walks... Then I'll excitedly run my thoughts by the team to see if it pasts the sniff test! "What if we...?!?"

My Design Process

Discover  >  Synthesize  >  Ideate  >  Test  >  Iterate

As the world increases in complexity, the way we solve these challenges require design thinking, collaboration & creativity. Here is my design process:


Discover. Research challenge parameters

Synthesize. Determine key areas of concern

Ideate. Develop possible solutions

Test. Test the solutions

Iterate. Repeat until concerns are addressed 


I enjoy walks with friends, learning about food and health, learning how to cook 👩‍🍳new things, reading 📚(audiobooking?), taking my camera 📸 out for adventures, learning about new topics 🤓, and pondering the question "what is the magic 🧙‍♀️formula that can successfully motivates a person to change lifelong habits?"



In my free time

Interested? Let’s talk! Contact me via the form below.  



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