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I worked on a number of projects at, including but not limited to:


  • The teacher and parent data visualization dashboard

  • Developing user personas

  • Subscription page and buy flows

  • Formative research for new products

  • Marketing pages, flow, and feature usability testing


Unfortunately my work is currently under NDA but I can share some metrics and user testimonials (real users, not test users!)


I am free to discuss but not post my work so if you want to hear more, please feel free to send me a chat request!




Parent & Teacher data viz dashboard

Background: This is a data viz dashboard that had to fulfill the needs of both parents and teachers using the platform. The The old platform was very simple, but users were concerned that it did not provide enough information to properly gauge their children's progress. They also had difficulty figuring out what next steps to take.


My role: UX lead

                                      Previous metrics                                 New metrics after redesign          


NPS                                                           25                                                                                          66

SUS                                                            75                                                                                          84

SUS Percentile                           top 26% in usability                                                              top 4% in usability

*Note: the complexity of the dashboard increased while the NPS and SUS increased


What parents & teachers have said about the new redesign

Excellent change in Progress Tracker! It is easier to read the data and learn where students are in their learning. Great resources! 

- (teacher)


I really really like the new-how can you help section. I can zoom right in on how to help her, assign the games and help her with the worksheets I print out.
- (parent)


I absolutely love the idea that I can come to see how my daughter is getting on and download worksheets to help her progress. This is such a wonderful tool, it is really helping us both feel confident with our abilities, both as teacher and pupil. (teacher)


I like how clear the data is - itʻs very easy to navigate. (teacher)


I like how you have it divided up into specific goals. This helps me as a Special Education teacher track specific goals and objectives. (teacher)


I love that it shows me the areas my child needs to improve on and directs me to resources to work with him on. It's easy to understand and navigate to each area I need to go. (parent)




USer personas

Background: There weren't defined personas in the company. I interviewed 17 parent users for 20 hours of footage to determine who our parent users were.


My role: Researcher

subscription page & buy flow

Background: The challenge was to surface's value proposition to the prospective customer and take them through a simple buy flow that would morph into onboarding. 


My role: Researcher

And a bunch of other research projects...

Have questions? Feel free to contact me!

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